● Absolute accuracy down to 10 cm
    ● Extremely lightweight, less than 1.5 kg
    ● An economical LiDAR solution
    ● Multi-platform (UAV/SUV) applications


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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 132 × 112 × 123 mm


South Instrument

Geomatics Gear - - Call 1-888-410-1210. Equipment and software solutions for conventional, GNSS, UAV/drone, LiDAR, GIS, mapping and hydrographic equipment


LiDAR System Laser Channels 32 channels
Laser Range max. 200 m
Field of View +15.0° to -25.0° (40°) (Vertical); 360° (Horizontal)
Angular Resolution 0.33° (Vertical); 0.1° to 0.4° (Horizontal/Azimuth)
Max. Means Rate Single Return Mode: ~600,000 points per second
Dual Return Mode: ~1200,000 points per second
Accuracy Relative Accuracy: 5 cm; Absolute Accuracy: 10 cm
Camera Effective Pixels 24.3 MP, RGB
Recommended scanning height AGL 10-120 m
Net Weight 1.6 kg (w/o camera)
Dimensions 132 x 112 x 123 mm
Input Voltage 11-18 V DC
Power Consumption 22 W
Data Storage 256 GB SSD
Part I: Laser Scanner Type Velodyne VLP-32
Wavelength 903 nm
Eye Safety Class
Laser Product Classification Class 1 Eye-safe-per IEC 60825-1:2007 & 2014
Laser Pulse Repetition Rate
Range Accuracy up to ±3 cm (typical)
Accuracy/ Precision
Rotation Rate 5 Hz ~ 20 Hz
Scan Speed
Multi-echo effect 2 echo returns
Data Storage
Environment Protection IP67
Temperature operating: -10℃~60℃; storage: -40℃~80℃
Part II: POS System Type Inertial Labs INS-D-OEM
Gyroscopes Bias in-run Stability 1 deg/hr (RMS, Allan Variance)
Gyroscopes Measurement Range ±450 deg/sec
Accelerometers Measurement Range ±8 g
Post Processing Roll/Pitch Accuracy 0.006 deg RMS
Post Processing Heading Accuracy 0.03 deg RMS
Post Processing Position H/V Accuracy 0.005/0.01 meters, RMS
Post Processing Velocity H/V Accuracy 0.02/0.01 meters/sec, RMS
Data Sampling Rate IMU: 200 Hz, GNSS positions: 5 Hz
Internal Memory

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