Rugged Computers

Our handheld rugged mobile computers are known for the combination of high performance and strength to be able to handle the most demanding field applications. All our rugged handhelds and rugged tablets have an ingress protection of IP65 or higher. Together with our business partners, we supply complete mobility solutions for businesses working within demanding industries, helping them improve productivity and efficiency in the field.

Geomatics Gear Rugged Computer

Rugged Handhelds

Handheld offers a wide selection of Rugged Computers including PDA’s, Handhelds and Enterprise Smartphones. Our rugged handhelds are built to withstand tough environments and rough industrial settings.

algiz-10x-profile Geomatics Gear Rugged Computers

Rugged Tablets

Handheld rugged tablets are not just IP65 rugged mobile computers, but also complete mobile computing solutions. Together with our partners, we offer complete field working solutions based on our rugged tablets.