SP500X Scanprinter


Truly mobile Print-and-Scan device

We are revolutionizing order fulfillment, package sortation, warehouse management systems, cross-docking and other distribution systems.


Identifies, directs and marks packages move anywhere

The new Handheld SP500X ScanPrinter represents an evolutionary leap in package handling. Developed by Handheld in a partnership with the world’s largest package shipping and logistics companies, the unique SP500X is the only product in its category: an all-in-one, truly mobile scan-and-print device. One worker, using a hands-free device and moving anywhere within your facility, can identify, direct and mark packages in as little as 2 seconds each.

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Handheld unveils unique wearable SP500X Scanprinter for logistics efficiency

The SP500X ScanPrinter is a unique, wearable scan-and-print solution that integrates 2D imaging, inkjet printing and wireless communication in one device. It’s designed to create a revolution in high-volume logistic operations that use manual scanning and labeling to sort packages. With Wi-Fi and BT, as well as an integrated printer developed in partnership with HP, the SP500X is truly mobile. You can quickly scan and print directly on packages anywhere in your facility, all while keeping both hands free.

“It helps to see the process, to understand just how ground-breaking the SP500X ScanPrinter is,” says Jerker Hellstrom, Handheld founder and Chairman of the Board. “There’s no other device like it in the world. You put on the device, grab a package and scan it. The scanner sends the data to your back-end system, which sends back information for printing. And nearly immediately, you print an address, a code or other information directly on the package. Your hands are free. You can move anywhere you need to work. You’re not anchored to a printer.”

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