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    Industrial Rugged Tablet

SOUTH N80 Rugged Tablet, Android 6, 1.5G 8 cores processor, 8 inch screen,3G RAM,64G flash disk, LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth4.0,G-Sensor, Digital Compass, Barometer, Ambient light sensor, L1, SBAS,Sub-meter

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N80 series tablet are the industrial rugged GNSS collection terminal which integrated with high precision GNSS board, high sensitive antenna, 4G network modem, WiFi and dual mode Bluetooth modem, leads the portable high precision tablet in the field of large-size screen mapping.

In the form of the ubiquitous, internet is penetrating and fusion in all corners of surveying technology, and setting off an unprecedented reconstruction and transformation. In the rapidly development information age, data sharing is an inevitable trend, N80 can meet the needs of mapping and GIS industry with the high speed communication modem.


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Weight .520 kg
Dimensions 258 × 147 × 15 mm


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