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This reliable, powerful model represents the latest total station technology of KOLIDA.

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600/1000m - Reflectorless Range

Touchscreen -Colorful, Graphic Display

Bluetooth - Wireless Communication

Trigger Key - Quick Measurement


LCD touch screen display on both sides gives surveyors a clear, colourful and fully graphical environment, user can easily find details on the sketch map.

PRACTICAL PROGRAM -Various of surveying programs onboard allow surveyors to complete their tasks directly in the field: angle offset, angle repetition, dual-distance offset, coordinate measurement, REM, MLM, Staking out, Road Design, area calculation, volume calculation, COGO...

TEMPERATURE & PRESSURE SENSORS - Temperature and pressure changes have a negative impact on the accuracy of distance measurements. The Smart T-P Sensor automatically monitors the changes and adjusts the distance calculations.

BLUETOOTH -An external controllers can be linked to total station, through the Bluetooth™ wireless connection.

TRIGGER KEY -The trigger key on the side of the instrument allows users to start the measurement without moving sight-line away from telescope. It avoids vibration on keyboard and increases measurement precision.

In winter it is difficult to use a gloved hand to push small buttons on total station keyboard. In this situation, trigger key is much more convenient than keyboard button.

LONG DISTANCE MEASUREMENT - Thanks to the high efficiency EDM, 662 features long distance measurements: 600/1000m in reflectorless mode and up to 3500-4000m using a single prism, with millimetre accuracy

FAST, ACCURATE, RELIABLE EDM - The fastest distance measuring speed is down to 0.1 to 0.3 second, with 2mm accuracy, makes any job extremely cost effective and reliable.

LARGE MEMORY - EASY DATA MANAGEMENT - The 98Mb internal memory is able to store 833,000 data blocks, the SD card up to 8 Gb can store a huge amount of data. Users don't need to worry about memory space.

RUGGED, DURABLE. - IP55 dust-proof/waterproof rating ensures 662's high reliability in all weather conditions and allows working even under very humid conditions and where sand and dust are present.

The high performance telescope, features 30X magnification and illuminated reticle, provide the best sighting quality in any lighting condition.

Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 216 × 200 × 350 mm

R6A, R10A



Kolida - Geomatics Gear - info@geomaticsgear.com - Call 1-888-410-1210. Equipment and software solutions for conventional, GNSS, UAV/drone, LiDAR, GIS, mapping and hydrographic equipment


Distance Measurement
Measurement Range1 prism:                   3500-4000m3 prism:                    5000mReflectorless:           600/1000m AccuracyPrism:                  ±(2+2ppmx D)mmReflectorless:       ±(3+2ppmx D)mm Measuring TimePrism:                  0.2 – 1.3sReflectorless:       0.5 – 3 s
Atmosphere CorrectionAuto Prism Constant CorrectionAuto
Angle Measurement
Measurement MeAbsolute Encoding
Minimum Reading0.1″/ 1″ optional
CompensatorDual Axis Liquid-electricRange ±4′, Accuracy 1″
User Interaction
Operation SystemLinux Color ScreenYes, 3.5 inches LCD
Touch ScreenYes
Keyboard30 keys with backlight Trigger KeyYes
Bluetooth & wifiBluetooth
Internal Storage98MB, 833,000 data blocks External Storage

8GB USB flash disk, 8GB SD card

Working Capability
ProgramCoordinate measurement, setout, area, volume, COGO, road design  Graphic Display
Laser Pointer & Laser PlummetYes
Endurance8 hours Setout Guide Light


Camera Function

300MP, optional

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