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Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 174 × 207 × 383 mm



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Wince total station DTM952R
Distance measurement
Maximum distance (under good weather conditions) Single prism 3.0Km
Three prisms 5.0 Km
Non-prism 400m or 600m (optional)
Numeric display Maximum: 99999999.999 m minimum: 1mm
Accuracy Non-prism: 5+3ppm; prism: 3+2ppm
Unit m/ft (optional)
Measuring time Fine measurement: 2s each time; tracking: 0.8s
Number of measurements 1~99 measurements can be taken
Meteorological correction It will automatically correct it with parameters entered
Atmospheric refraction and earth curvature correction It will automatically correct it with parameters entered; K=0.14
Prism constant correction It will automatically correct it with parameters entered
Angle measurement
Measurement mode Absolute code
Grating disc diameter (horizontal, vertical) 79mm
?Minimum display reading 1″
Detection method Vertical disc: diameter
Horizontal disc: diameter
Accuracy 2″
Imaging Positive image
Barrel length 170mm
Effective aperture of objective lens 48mm
Magnifying ratio 30×
Field angle 1°30′
Resolution 3.5″
Minimum focusing distance 1.5m
Automatic vertical compensator
System Single- or double-axis liquid electronic sensing and compensation
Operating range ±3′
Accuracy ±3 ″
Level tube 20″/2mm, 30″/2mm
Circular vial 8′/2mm
Optical plummet
Imaging Positive image
Magnifying ratio
Focusing range 0.5m~∝
Field angle
Type Doublesides,lattice240X320?LCD,3.5inch touching screen operation
Operation System Microsoft Windows CE.NET 5.0
Data transmission
Interface RS-232C,USB,Bluetooth,SD-card
Onboard battery
Power Rechargeable mh-ni battery, rechargeable lithium battery
Voltage Lithium battery: DC7.6V; mh-ni battery: DC7.2V
Continuous working hours 4h
Size and weight
Overall dimensions 174×207×383mm
Weight 6.8kg


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